Sunday, May 14, 2006

Power in the Pulpit.

Paul wrote in the opening of the first epistle to the Thessalonians that the Gospel came to them with power. Apparently there was something about the preaching of the apostle Paul that made an impact. People's lives were changed, eternity was altered all because of the preaching of the Gospel.
Yet, so many times I feel that my preaching is rather tepid, dry, and dead. What was the difference? I preach expositionally. At the moment I am moving vs. by vs. through the book of Colossians. We didn't even stop for Mother's Day! But still, Sunday felt dry. Where is the power that Paul spoke of in his preaching.
Could it be that such power has ceased today? I don't think so. The Word of God is still as powerful, as fresh, and as relevant as ever. The problem I think is two-fold. One, too many of us are relying on feelings and equating that with unction and the filling of the Spirit. I don't want to advocate some cold and intellectual approach to preaching. Preaching the word demands passion. How can we present the love story of the Gospel with cold hearts? Yet, sometimes I don't feel much when I preach. It seems that in times of dryness and coldness we have to preach in faith. Faith that God honors his Word. Faith that preaching is God's means of evangelizing the world. Faith that his word will not return void, but will bear fruit and multiply - regardless of how I feel as I preach. Power in the pulpit is not an emotional delivery, or even "getting under a burden" to preach. Power in the pulpit is the sovereign work of God through the inerrant Word of God. It's interesting that some of the most fruitful services are those that really didn't seem to be "on" to me. Yet, the Gospel goes out in power, and lives are changed.

On the other hand, dryness can also be a sign of sin or prayerlessness. The only antidote to that is repentance.



Jessica Williamson said...

thank you brother collin! i will miss the teaching of the Word that i have been so used to hearing for the past 4 yrs and the relationships. but i do know that the Lord has much more to teach me than i could ever learn by listening to a sermon. I am going to be challenged to truely seek God's Word in a different way than i have before and i know the Lord will reveal Himself to me. and... hopefully i will pick up the language quickly so i can understand the preaching of our spanish speaking brothers! thanks again!

wes said...

Hey Brother Collin. Wes here. I got one of this blogs maybe you should check it out sometime. That was some good stuff on Sunday. See you Wednesday.

garrison said...

hello brother collin thanks for the comment its encouraging to here that from you well adios