Thursday, July 27, 2006

What I'm reading -

In case you every wonder what kind of books I'm currently reading I plan to list them every month or so. You might want to check out a few of these books.
FYI - I like to have several books going at once. This helps broaden my reading and fights off boredom in case I get into a book that I really feel I need to read, but don't really enjoy reading that much.

Jonathan Edwards, a new biography by Iain H. Murray. Highly recommended. A good read.

9 Marks of a healthy church by Mark Dever. One of the best books on Church life I've ever read. While we may not come to the same conclusions on every matter, this book is top shelf.

Above all Earthly Pow'rs by David F. Wells - Excellent book, a times it can be hard to read. This is one of those books that I need to read, but just haven't enjoyed as much as others. Still, all in all, I recommend this to anyone wanting a solid evangelical perspective on postmodernism.

An Unstoppable Force by Erwin Raphael McManus - This book has some good thoughts.

Finally, The Sigma protocol by Robert Ludlum - A great novel by the master of espionage novels. The language is a little too salty for my taste at times, but the plot and stoyline are the work of a master novelist.

What I'm studying in the Scriptures - Still reading through the Bible in a year. Also, doing some serious study on the New man/Old man theme in Paul's epistles.


Anonymous said...

Bro. Collin,

I realize that you have your D Min and preach expositionally therefore I understand that the books your read are quite in depth.
I hope God works in your life as you continue to be a student. Do you ever read things more practical like High Expectations by Thom Rainer or The Present Future by Reggie McNeal. Others I have read recently are Experiencing the Cross by Blackaby, To Know You More by Park and Knowing God by Packer. What are your thoughts on these particular books. I have also read Brothers, We Are not Professionals by Piper which I think is one of your favorite authors.

collin wimberly said...


I do enjoy reading "practical" books. In fact, I think you could argue that doctrine and theology are highly practical.
I just started a book by Robb Bell called, "Velvet Elvis." great stuff. I do like Blackaby and Packer a lot. I'm not familiar with Parks. In fact, Knowing God by Blackaby is one of my all-time favorite books. Every Christian should read it. And yes, Piper is another favorite, and "Brothers" is great.

Readers are leaders!


Keith said...

If you like Mark Dever, may I suggest Famine in the Land by Steven Lawson.