Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cool Memories

Pastoring FBC Swartz for almost 7 years has left us with a wealth of good memories. Here are a couple of my favorites, caught on camera.

Singing with DALLAS HOLM! How cool is that! Gary Griffith and I got to sing along with one of the greatest Christian artists ever - on one of my favorite songs of his - Bloodline!

Whoopin up on my music minister and buddy Gary Griffith. Honestly, most pastors and staff would probably get along better if they just spent a little time in the ring!

Playing a little ball - I may not be what I once was, but I still ain't as bad as some of you!

That's probably more than enough for most of you. But really, Swartz was great. I don't deserve that God should have called me to pastor such a tremendous group of people. And I don't deserve that He should send me to another great church like Parkview. Here's to more years as good as the past 7!

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