Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What brings us all together

I spent the first two days of this week at the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Some of it was really good, especially Scott Thompson's sermon; while some of it was less than excellent. I have to admit that I tire of the business and the promotion of all the LBC programming. On the other hand, I realize that some of that was necessary. What bothers me the most is the sense of self-promotion and political positioning.

I left asking myself the question, what really holds us all together as a convention? Most Southern Baptists would say the cooperative program and missions are the glue that binds the LBC and the SBC together. I understand what they mean, but there is something more. What binds a group of diverse Churches and pastors like the LBC together is love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mission, evangelism, and the Cooperative program all grow out of our love for and devotion to our Lord.

I hope, for the sake of our convention, that we don't lose our foundation. I pray that we are not so caught up in the elections and budgets that we forget the Gospel.


Arnold Austin Jr said...

I'm with you brother. God's love is the only glue that can stick us together. The funny thing about glue is that it takes people to apply it. I pray that we don't shove it in a drawer until "something gets broke". That happens when we fail to walk by His Spirit, thinking we are more than we really are.

Stephen M. Young II said...

Hi Bro Collin,

Found your site from your comment on Bro Robert's. This is mine. www.smy2brazil.blogspot.com God bless you.

Stephen Young II

Ps, once you've got the new PBC website you, get Lee to get the sermons up to date. Nothing left to download after Acts chapter 4...

Stephen M. Young II said...

Not sure if my first comment went through...

Hi Bro Collin,

Looks like I finally found your blog. I'd seen a comment you made on Robert's and made the connection. Nice to find.

I'd been following your series on Acts, but the sermons haven't been updated on the church site since Acts 4. I guess Lee is waiting to update the website with a re-launch of the site.

God bless you. And, yes!! Love for Jesus and his good news... that is what unites us.

In Him,
Stephen Young