Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Blessing of God's Providence

Sorry that I have not posted in a few weeks. Gina and I are trying to get a handle on having eight children. I honestly never imagined that I would be father to eight kids. God is always jumping into life and changing my plans. Thank God for that! I mean I have great kids, a great wife, a great church to minister in, a great life. And believe me, I cannot take credit. God has given me all that I have.

This morning I read Ps. 31:15 "My times are in your hand" God is providentially in control of every moment of my existence. Nothing catches Him by surprise. Nothing causes Him to wring his hands or mumble, "What to do, what to do!" I thank God that all the seasons and moments of my days are in His sovereign control. No chance occurrences. No coincidences. Everything, the good and the bad comes from his righteous hand.

This kind of thinking gives a person's life real meaning and direction. God's providence is the reason Paul exhorts us to "be anxious about nothing." After all, God is in control - so why worry? This doesn't mean that my decisions and will have no real significance. They do. But God is God and that is a blessing to me!

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