Monday, March 13, 2006

Influencing the Future

About 6 months ago God called home Dr. Dana Mathewson. Dana was without a doubt one of the most profound influences of my life. Dana was a man who loved God passionately. He was man of integrity, honor and joy. Everytime I talked with Dana I spent half of the conversation laughing. And you know what, that was exactly what I needed. The kingdom of God needs a lot more men like Dana. Men who take the time to influence younger men, guide them in ministry and their relationship to the Lord.
Dana now resides in glory. I cannot begin to imagine the joy and the fellowship he experiences with Christ right now. Just thinking of it makes me long for the serious pleasures of heaven. And to think that my friend is there, now - well - Wow! That's all I know to say. Dana's presence in glory adds another voice to the great cloud of witnesses that spurs me on to be faithful to Christ.
I also know that God is sovereign and put Dana Mathewson in my life at just the time he did for a reason. Dana influenced the future through me and many other young men just like me.
Isn't that what Paul meant when he commanded Timothy to pass along the faith to others who would be faithful to do the same. Dana's life and example challenges me to impact the future by influencing others. Some of you should do the same. First Swartz needs leadership, across the board we need leadership. Why not contribute to the solution of this problem by mentoring a young Christian? You never know what God can do with someone like you!

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