Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Excuse me while I open this up!

Just the other day I read an interesting article on birthrates and Baptists. The article states that as the affluence of Southern Baptists goes up, the birth rates go down. Many couples now are opting to wait longer and have fewer children than previous generations. Why? As a father of eight I am probably a little biased on this subject, but it seems we are allowing our culture to dictate how we think about children rather than the Bible. God's Word states that "children are a blessing from the Lord" and "blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them." Children are not distractions from our careers or hindrances to having fun. Children are God's gift to a family. They ought to be highly prized and valued. Young couples should begin early to have children, not wait until they have "had some time together." Since when have children become a detriment to marriage or intimacy? In reality, children strengthen a marriage. Some couples wait because they want to have more "things" or "toys." Why in the world should we invest in worldly, materialistic junk that will only be destroyed at the day of judgment; when we could be investing ourselves in little souls that will bring glory to God for eternity!

Here's what I think. Christians ought to joyfully, gladly, and worshipfully have a housefull of children - to the glory of and honor of Jesus! Quit letting economics and culture shape our thinking. Let the word of God determine our beliefs - even when it comes to children!


Billy said...

Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it.

Does this mean we are a bunch of fruits?

collin wimberly said...

No, I think this just means I have some fruity freinds!

Charity Grace said...

Do you remember where you read the article? I'd love to see a copy.

Walt said...

Here's a good link I found related to this topic.