Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Sin of Polygamy

On Wed. nights I am preaching through the life of David. I ran across an interesting quote about him and his family. The context is Absalom's rebellion. Alexander Whyte describes David's home and his polygamy in this way.

"Polygamy is just Greek for a dunghill. David trampled down the first and the best law of nature in his palace in Jerusalem, and for his trouble he spent all his after-days in a hell upon earth. David's palace was a perfect pandemonium of suspicion, and intrigue, and jealousy, and hatred--all breaking out, now into incest, and now into murder. And it was into such a household, if such a cesspool could be called a household, that Absalom, David's third son by his third living wife, was born and brought up. . .

A little ring of jealous and scheming parasites, all hateful and hating one another, collected round each one of David's wives. And it was in one of the worst of those wicked little rings that Absalom grew up and got his education."

Pretty insightful look into a polygamous household. If you don't buy it just study the life of Jacob and his wives and you'll see another cesspool of lies and intrigue. And while your at it, don't forget what happened to Abraham when Sarah came up with her hair-brained idea with Hagar. If that is not enough, just study Solomon and how his wives turned his heart away from God.

Polygamy was never God's intent and always leads to trouble. The FLDS's major problem is that they reject the teaching of the Bible for the false revelation of a false prophets, beginning with Joe smith and Brigham Young ending with Warren Jeffs.

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