Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Wonderful Life

Mother's Day thanksgiving

I have the priviledge of knowing two of the greatest moms on the planet. That is unusual in our day and age. My mom and my wife have shaped my life. My mom raised me, and with my dad instilled faith in my life from a young age. I am indepted to her and my dad, and by the grace of God they are largely responsible for who I am today. Thanks mom. You are the greatest.

I am also married to the most beautiful and gracious woman on the planet. Her love for me is far beyound anything I could have ever deserved or imagined. If I had my life to live over a thousand times I would live them all with Gina. She is everything I am not. She is kind, gracious, deeply committed to Christ, and without a doubt the most patient and organized Mom I ever known. Without her I could never be successful as a pastor, a father or a disciple of Christ. Thank you Gina. You are the love of my life!

Here a few pictures of the wonderful family that God has given Gina and I. Juliana is 17, Daniel is 15 (and 6'7 and 274 pounds!), Samuel is 13 (and 6'4!) Micah is 11, Hope is 8, Seth is 5, Leah Carried is 4, Steven is 2, and Silas is 7 weeks old! I am a blessed man and my quiver runneth over.

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