Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Contagious Christian faith

Starting Sept. 12 we will be studying "Becoming a Contagious Christian," a lifestyle evangelism course published by Willow Creek and created by Bill Hybels. I realize that a lot people dislike some of Hybels methods and theology, but having taught it twice in the past I can honestly say this course is great. Christians should be witnesses of the Gospel everywhere they go. We have a responsibility to the people we live and work with to share the glorious good news of the Gospel with them. Contagious Christians teaches believers to use everyday opportunities to share Christ. The method is simple and true to God's Word. I hope that every member of Parkview Baptist Church will take the time to come on Wed. nights and sharpen their skills in evangelism. We may not agree with everything that Hybels does or teaches, but we do agree on the Gospel. That is one subject that we are all together on!

See you there.


Friday, August 17, 2007

John Piper on the prosperity gospel


The health and wealth gospel is no gospel at all. It is another gospel, one that is under the curse of God. Piper states it better than anyone - as usual.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The danger of busyness

The past few weeks here at Parkview have been great. People are friendly and kind to my family. To say I have enjoyed my first month here would be an understatement. Being a new pastor means lots of work! People to meet, committees to work with, sermons to write and staff to lead. Yet, there is a very real danger hidden behind all that good and necessary work. It is far too easy to put off or forget to spend much time alone with God in prayer. One of my staff members gave me a paper to read that describes the Fulton Street prayer revival that rocked New York city in 1857, and ultimately the world. There was no slick publicity, no famous speaker, no ultra talented singing sensation. There was only Jeremiah Lanphier and his burden to get business men together to pray during their lunch hour. At first there were only a few men, but as time went on, hundreds, then thousands met in churches all over the nation to pray. At the peak of the revival 50,000 persons a week were being converted! What would happen today if the pastor, the staff, and the membership of Parkview Baptist Church were to embrace Lanphier's burden for prayer? There would be revival! We need to be constantly reminded that busyness, even the busyness of church does not bring revival - only prayer!

Let us pray!