Monday, January 18, 2010

The Practice of Prophetic Living

John the Baptist was one of the most colorful characters in the NT. He was a fiery preacher, and a desert dwelling prophet calling people to a radical commitment to God. G. Campbell Morgan stated in his commentary on Luke that we need some John the Baptists today. We need people to prepare the way of the Lord. The church needs men and women who will stand up and stand out for God. But today, as in John's day, a prophet's message is seldom well-received. John was imprisoned and ultimately beheaded for his preaching. Here in America we will not lose our life for our witness, at least not yet, but we may lose our reputation. We may lose our jobs or our friends. Prophetic living always carries a price.

Will you live a prophetic lifestyle? Will you take up the mantle and example of John? I don't mean move to the desert and wear camel's hair underwear. I do mean live an uncompromising and God-saturated life. It may carry a cost, but the blessing is much greater.